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  • About the TrustMe ecosystem

  • TrustContract Service

  • TrustMe achievements

  • Previous investment rounds

  • Unique opportunity to become an investor in TrustMe

About the TrustMe ecosystem

Hello, friends! Today I would like to tell you about a man who made the impossible possible - Chingiz Dauletbaev, founder and CEO of TrustMe.

TrustMe is an IT ecosystem based on the principle of trust, which was launched in 2020 in Kazakhstan and quickly became not just a platform for exchanging reviews, but also a widely used ecosystem, including the SaaS contract signing service TrustContract.

Chingiz and our team are committed to increasing the level of trust between people and companies, and they do not stop there. Their goal is to become a unicorn company by 2027 and they are working hard to achieve this goal.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and innovative place to invest, then TrustMe is the place for you! Thank you for your interest in TrustMe and read our White Paper to learn more about our amazing platform.

TrustContract Service

TrustContract: reducing time and increasing efficiency in the business world

In the era of digital transformation, when all processes are moving online, electronic signing services have become a necessity. The creators of TrustContract are also familiar with this - a large-scale springboard that allows you to conclude contracts extremely quickly and conveniently, even using mobile devices and create SmartContract based on blockchain technology (Solana). However, going from an idea to a successful business was not easy.

Despite the difficulties that arose, the TrustContract team did a great job of eliminating shortcomings and improving the service, which led to the fact that they have already attracted more than 250 clients who have concluded more than 76 thousand contracts. The most impressive thing is that the success is not only quantitative, but also qualitative, since the Customer Care department and the developed processes guarantee the smooth operation of the system and first-class customer service.

TrustContract's mission is to create innovative solutions that can simplify people's lives and business processes. Today, an electronic signature can speed up processes by more than 11 times in 8 years, which confirms the relevance of creating such services. But TrustContract is ready to go further, ahead of its time and setting ever higher standards to offer its users the best experience in the electronic signing market.

Technologies are developing not only within the borders of our country, but throughout the world, so TrustContract presented the international version of TheSafeContract, available on the website http://TheSafeContract.com. Thus, the company is not only growing, but also becoming global, which promises it many new opportunities in the business world.

TrustMe achievements

In 2022, TrustMe became a participant in several prestigious acceleration programs and received well-deserved awards for its innovative solutions in the field of IT technologies and blockchain.

Thanks to export acceleration fromQazTrade Trade Policy Development Center JSCunder the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, TrustMe was able to successfully promote its solution in the UAE market, despite the presence of a competing DocuSign system. The company held negotiations with major players such as the Dubai International Financial Center and was selected for the Scelerator program from AstanaHub, where it was recognized as one of the top forty startups.

However, TrustMe's achievements did not stop there. The company is confidently moving forward, now undergoing an acceleration program from Google for Startups, in which, out of 280 candidates, only 15 of the best teams, including TrustMe, passed. This program became an important moment in the company’s development, providing an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with representatives of leading companies and industry experts.

But TrustMe's successes are not limited to acceleration programs. In 2022, the company was awarded "The best Blockchain project that improves trust between people and changes the world for the better" at the Blockchain Startups Awards. And also entered the TOP 46 best startups in Central Asia according to http://BestStartup.asia. TrustMe continues to develop and participate in international forums and exhibitions. In September 2022, the company participated in the international forum of digital technologies and business Digital Bridge-2022, where it presented its TrustContract solution at the Astana Hub Battle.

Thus, TrustMe continues to prove its leadership in the field of IT technologies and blockchain, attracting the attention of Kazakh and global investors and remaining one of the most promising startups in the region.

Previous investment rounds

TrustMe is a young and ambitious company that has already managed to attract$300 thousand investmentsin three rounds Pre-Seed, Stage I Bridge and Stage II Bridge. Ourecosystem valuation has already reached $15 million USand we are not stopping there. Our investors are diverse people with a wealth of knowledge who help us achieve our goal of becoming a unicorn company by 2027. We are ready for a difficult but exciting road to success!

A unique opportunity to become an investor in TrustMe

Our company's dream is to become a unicorn, and we know it is possible. We have successfully developed a product that solves a real problem in the market and are now ready to scale globally. To achieve this, we plan to attract investments from foreign venture funds and strategic partners. We invite you to join us at the I stage of Seed investmentand become part of our success story.

We need partners who are willing to make risky investments with us to create not only a prosperous company, but also a better world! We invite you to become an investor in TrustMe limited (registered in the AIFC) - the parent company that owns 100% of the company DauInvest (Kazakhstan, Astana) and TrustMe inc (international version registered in the USA, Delaware). We attractinvestments starting from $50 thousandand expectyour investments to increase 100 times by 2027. Our goal is to achieve a $1 billion valuation and attract strategic investors to deliver multiple returns. Join us and become part of our great TrustMe story!


Contact our CEO in a way convenient for you:

Tel.: +7 777 518 22 00
Telegram: https://t.me/daukaz
Chatbot in Telegram: https://t .me/Trustmeinvest1bot
Facebook: https://www. facebook.com/dauletbayev/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qazaqeli/
Mail: ceo.trustme@gmail.com
Website: https://trustme.kz

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